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Wild Leaf Teas are discontinued. Thank you to all our customers. You all made Wild Leaf a great success.

Crafted for this Wild Life.

Tasty, organic herbal tea blends crafted with purpose.

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Out with the Old. In with the Nutrients.

Let our nourishing blend of Coriander, Mint, Nettles and Lemongrass flush out the bad stuff and knock you back into your senses.

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Lust for Life? You must be thirsty.

Rehydrate and replenish with our gorgeous blend of organic whole leaf Rooibos, Lavender, Calendula and a hint of Coconut.

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We’re Wild about crafting
the best tea possible.


We select the finest herbs and teas from gardens across the world to make the most self-beneficial tea blends


Unlike many teas that are powder, we use the whole leaves so you get maximum taste and all the powerful benefits


Each blend is specially designed by herbalists to provide tasty teas with benefits you need to keep going strong

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Love letters from our Customers

“Wild Leaf Tea has become a rejuvenating part of my life. As a mom of 3 and with a very active lifestyle, these teas help me increase my energy and stay hydrated throughout the day. Most importantly, the wonderful aromas help me relax at the end of a very long day.”

Adela W

“Wild Leaf Teas are absolutely delicious. They have the perfect amount of flavor and smell incredible. I love that they are organic, so I know that while they are working to remove toxins from my body, they are not adding new ones. These teas leave me feeling refreshed.”

Sarah D

I had Wild Leaf's amazing Charge tea before my half marathon and then Rehab after I finished the race. I had great energy throughout the run and Rehab helped rehydrate and refuel my body once I was finished. Plus, both teas taste delicious! Do yourself a favor and try one of their teas!

Jessie R