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Wild Leaf Teas are discontinued. Thank you to all our customers. You all made Wild Leaf a great success.

Our Story

Wild Leaf founder, Susan Parnell, discovered the awesome power of herbal teas during a long and painful battle with Lyme Disease. What amazed her most was the way herbs and teas from around the world helped strengthen and heal her body from the intensive treatment. It was like she had found her own personal superpower source, in tasty drink form.

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Our Story 1

Teas helped her so much, Susan knew she wanted to spread the word, the love, and the tea to help others feel their best while managing today's modern day chaos, too. What Susan didn't want, was to create another herbal tea brand just like all other herbal tea brands.

She wasn't interested in educating people about ancient traditions, or waxing poetic about being zen. Susan just wanted to make it easy for people to get how powerful teas are, so they could use them to live more of the happy, passionate and active lives they love.

Our Story 2

With that vision, and the help of her partner (in tea and life) Justin,
Wild Leaf was born.

Crafted with quality ingredients, straightforward benefits, and delicious flavors, Wild Leaf's purpose is simple: to keep us all active and feeling our best while juggling all of the days crazy demands. An unconventional idea in a world of zenny teas.

Today, Susan is feeling stronger than ever, living the very active life of a small business owner, mom, wife, friend and tea-swilling superhero. She and Justin live in New Jersey with their two little Wild ones.