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Promise Header

Not to get all serious,
but we take promises very seriously

We want you to enjoy every drop of your favourite Wild Leaf Active Teas, without ever worrying about what's gone into them. So, we promise to use high quality, USDA organic certified ingredients from the best tea gardens in the world.

We want you to get all of the benefits of tea and herbs, but we know that won't happen if they're not a treat to drink. Our blends have been expertly crafted by tea connoisseurs and herbalists, so they not only make you feel amazing but they taste amazing too. So we promise to only offer exciting blends — teas worth writing home about, maybe literally — that are as delicious as they are beneficial.

And finally, we want you to get out there and take your Wild life by the leaves. To keep making magic happen, working miracles, rolling with the punches, and doing you. So we promise to always craft purposeful, benefit-rich blends to help you do just that.

Promise Intro
Promise Tea

We don't have a mantra. But if we did,
it might go something like this.

  • We're the Wild Kind
  • Up with the sun
  • And still going way past bedtime
  • We're good to our bodies
  • And we look out for our health
  • But deep down we know life is for living a little
  • Kale and cake
  • Hot yoga and happy hour
  • It boils down to balance, really
  • That's what keeps us Wild
  • And that's why we do what we do at Wild Leaf
  • Crafting tasty herbal blends packed with purpose
  • To actively boost metabolism, curb cravings, flush toxins, increase cheer (yay!)
  • Encourage chill, replenish nutrients, and hydrate naturally
  • To fortify, balance, and generally help you be
  • Your most awesome, Wild and free self
  • Day in and day out
  • So to those with an unquenchable thirst for the Wild Life we say
  • Drink up, Wild Ones
  • And enjoy the ride