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Replenishes Nutrients, Naturally Hydrates

Regular price $9.99 Contains 15 Whole Leaf Sachets
Contains 15 Whole Leaf Sachets
Find yourself some you time with rejuvenating Rooibos, Lavendar, Calendula and a hint of coconut. Rehab is like a deep breath, wrapped in a sanctuary, wrapped in a flute song ready to help you and your body bounce back to life’s agenda.

Lust for life? You must be thirsty.

Drinking up every juicy bit of living often leaves the body parched. For a life like this, regularly Rehab. Our gorgeous blend of organic whole leaf Rooibos, Lavender and Calendula Petals and a hint of coconut replenishes and rehydrates with a delicious bouquet of anti-oxidants, minerals including iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin c to keep you in the game or meeting or speed dating circle. Sip it in deeply. Because this life is Wild.


Rooibos, Lavendar, Natural Flavoring, Calendula Petals

Flavor Cues

Coconut, lavendar

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